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‘I want to reveal the honesty that sits behind the obvious...the real narratives that are too often blanketed in our everyday life.'

Wren is an Australian-born photographer experienced in portraiture and commercial photo & film content. A photographer who delves into the unknown, Wren creates beautiful imagery that intrigues and challenges.


‘Choosing to live my life as an photographer makes a lot of sense to me,’ says Wren of his career. ‘I want my images to demand attention. I want viewers to make a connection; to second-guess and construct their own stories.’ Having been mentored by major international fashion and advertising photographers, Wren has a sharp sense of professionalism balanced with remarkable creative insight.

Moving to the city from an upbringing in the isolated outback of Australia, allowed Wren to see the world and his surroundings with complete contrast. ‘I used to watch the stars at night and want to be an astronomer,’ says Wren of his childhood, ‘my upbringing instilled in me a fascination for things beyond my comprehension.’

A passion to understand what’s behind the palpable continues to grow in Wren. He has worked alongside some of Australia’s top creatives, and his exposure to their diverse styles, mixed with his own instinctive approach to photography, allows Wren to continually push technical and creative boundaries.

Wren’s work challenges conventional ideas of perfection. ‘What means something to one person, can have a completely different meaning to someone else and that’s what photography is about. There are many untold stories behind the eyes and the lens casts an insight like no other.’

Wren has a thoughtful and practical approach to his work. His affable and unpretentious nature, left-of-centre sense of humour, and absolute commitment to his vocation inspires confidence and brings out the best in the talent he works with. ‘The creativity in the images is what needs to shine,’ says Wren, ‘but for that to happen, I work closely with the client so we share the same intent from the beginning.’

Wren has worked and lived in Australia, the United Kingdom, Africa and New York. He currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, with a plethora of camera gear, his partner and children, a little too much dark chocolate and the occasional nip of single malt.

Wren Steiner Portrait



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